Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 14 Mar 2010, Maclay Football Club White lost to Tring Tornadoes

Game two saw the boys applauded off the pitch. They worked hard and as in the first match, Tring will have walked away knowing they were in a football match and will count themselves luck to have three points.
Playing with the wind in the first half Tring scored two first half goals and the boys came off looking a little deflated. Reminding the boys we are draw specialists there was everything to fight for.
A moment of inspiration as Henry sent the perfect pass with the outside of his foot to Dominic. He muscled his way past the defender to strike the ball into the top left corner. A second goal came as Dominic lobbed the Tring keeper from an almost impossible angle. Tring must have been worried. We had the fight and spirit and they had the wind. The boys continued to work hard.
At the team talk before the matches I had warned all the boys not let Oliver Butler have space on the edge of the box. He battled away, created some space and as predicted the ball hit the top left corner of the goal from 20 yards out, giving William and indeed David James no chance. (The manager is now offering tarot card and palm readings professional). 3 - 2, Maclay fought hard for the last 5 minutes but the ball just wouldn't go in. A thoroughly enjoyable game of football for all to watch.

Match subs outstanding
Ethan and William.

Maclay Football Club White 2 - 3 Tring Tornadoes ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON   Industrious and inventive
2 Karl BONNEY   Determined
4 Matthew HOPKINS  
6 Ethan MACKIE  
7 Joe McENTEE  
8 Alex MOSS  
9 Dominic PRINCE   2 Man of the match
10 Joey RENNISON  
11 Joshua ROBERTS  
12 Ben ROCHFORD   Tireless
13 William SMITH  
14 Joshua WILTON