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Match Report

Match Report - 21 Mar 2010, Maclay Football Club White beat Harpenden Colts Falcons

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Thirteen boys and two of those with injured toes and one out with an injured ankle from training. I was not optimistic. We played Harpenden at the start of the season a lost out 2-1 in a close fought battle, winning certainly was not going to be easy. Injuries caused a change in tactical formation to 4-1-4-1.
Immediately the team settled into a good passing rhythm, the extra man in midfield clearly giving us the advantage. The Harpenden goal keeper and post were put under immediate pressure with good strikes from Henry, Karl and Dominic. The Harpenden defence cracked under the stress as Henry placed a ball low into the goal with an excellent strike. William, walking wounded was put under little pressure in the first half. His second half performance was excellent. Karl and Matthew putting in tackle after tackle allowing Henry some freedom. Half time came and with 4 minutes of extra time due to some event that clearly only the referee had seen caused a few nerves. The Maclay defence looked settled and dominant.
The second half also started brightly. Joey and Matthew continued to mark Harpenden's number 42 out of the match, where he dominated in the previous game. The pair challenged every header and they certainly came off the better. Finally a ball over the top saw Dominic out muscle the defender and strike the ball cleanly into the top right corner. Clearly a striker with bags of confidence following a recent string of well taken goals. Harpenden really piled on the pressure and eventually one went in. Harpenden then played their joker. Henry took a nasty knock, whilst recovering it was only with my professional skills that I witness one of the Harpenden boys surreptitiously remove the referees wrist watch and replace it with any identical one with 5 minutes less played. There were many nervous moments and Harpenden narrowly missed the goal on a couple of occasions. Eventually the ref blew, after nearly 80 minutes of football we had achieved a deserved victory.
Man of the match was Matthew Hopkins for dominating the midfield and effectively taking Harpendens best player out of the game. A great team performance, well done and well deserved

Harpenden Colts Falcons 1 - 2 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON   1
2 Karl BONNEY  
4 Matthew HOPKINS   Man of the match
6 Ethan MACKIE  
7 Joe McENTEE  
8 Alex MOSS  
9 Dominic PRINCE   1
10 Joey RENNISON  
11 Joshua ROBERTS  
13 William SMITH