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Match Report - 06 Mar 2011, Maclay Football Club White lost to Maclay Red

Maclay Red 5 v Maclay White 2

Maclay White were missing this seasons captain Stan at the back, Karl who has been inspirational this season had to sit the game out as the referee determined the cast on his hand was too hard to allow him to play.
The game was another great advert for football. Maclay White knew that the Reds were playing for pride following their last defeat to the White.
The game started well for the Whites and we were unlucky to go a goal down in the first 5 minutes. However the team battled on and it did not take Pat long to put the ball in the net as he placed pressure on the Reds defence. A classic goal scorers goal heading in from about 3 inches. One all and Maclay White looked the better team.
What I like about this team is the unwillingness to give up and that stole our second goal as Josh Roberts chased a ball down that many would have given up on. The pressure forced an error from the keeper and Josh put the ball in front of Pat for another goal. Henry then went on a great run and was unlucky to see the ball just go over.
An independent spectator would certainly have struggled to identify which team was top of the table. The team continued to challenge well and pass the ball. A second untidy goal just before half time saw the Reds drawn level. All square, but everyone knew we had the edge.
The second half saw the Reds come out with a little more passion and luck went their way with a couple of goals. James Lagdon saved well from Henry again in a one on one, but it was not to be our day. Twenty minutes of the game went to the Reds as we seemed to lose our way a little. It did not take long for that calmness to return and we began to play football as we had before. A good goal from Callum Miles put us out of reach but the Reds had certainly known they were in a battle and it could have gone either way if one of our earlier chances had gone in.
William looked good on return in goal and made some vital saves. David continued his superb run at the back, his ability to read the play makes him stand out. No one wants to bump into Joey, a solid defender in all terms of the word. Matt Hopkins did exactly what he was asked and gave Maclay Red no time in the middle, tidying up the midfield. Henry and Josh combined well with some fantastic vision and delivery to the two speed merchants on the wings, Ben and Dom. Josh W, Jack, Ethan, Jo and Charlie gave good solid performances. Pat also had a great game, giving Maclay White that little extra upfront that we were perhaps missing earlier in the season.
Following a discussion with the parents, man of the match went to Josh Roberts, he battled, threw himself about and then delivered ball after ball. He seemed to have the most time on the ball from both teams.
Performances like that should show the team that we have the ability to beat anyone. We have a semi-final next week that I know we can win if we play the football we know we can.
Well done and I hope to see you at next weeks Semi-Final against Echos.
Plus Gordon looked a little happier this week.

Maclay Football Club White 2 - 5 Maclay Red ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
5 Patrick HANLON   2
6 Matthew HOPKINS  
7 Ethan MACKIE  
8 Joe McENTEE  
9 Charlie MOORE  
10 Alex MOSS  
11 Harry NASH  
12 Jack O'CONNOR  
13 Dominic PRINCE  
14 Joshua ROBERTS  Joshua  ROBERTS Yellow card Man of match
16 Joshua WILTON  
17 Joey RENNISON  
18 William SMITH