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Match Report - 13 Mar 2011, Maclay Football Club White lost to Echoes

Maclay White v Echoes
Semi Final

A game that we started with high hopes was unfortunately to ultimately end in disappointment.
The game was played at Chaulden Lane on a very poor pitch, its only redeeming feature being that it was the same for both teams. By the time the farmer had pulled up the turnips and finished ploughing the field we were ready for a game.
The first half saw Maclay White pinned in their own half. The back four, with Stan sat in front were our saving grace time and again. Joey, David and Ethan had an excellent first half. William in goal has returned to the same confident form he left us in. The ball spent a vast majority of the time bouncing between heads. At one point I thought we may set a record for the number of headers in a row.
Half time saw the team one nil down and we were still in the fight.
The second half saw Echoes begin to dominate particularly in the middle. Pat up front continued to impressed as he fought equally with a solid Echoes back four. He was unlucky on a couple of occasions.
Echoes soon took a five nil lead, with one excellent strike from outside the box. Maclay didn’t give up and in spells played well. Matt scored a consolation goal late in the second half.
Echoes ran out winners 5 – 1. A deserved victory for Echoes.
They will face the Red Team in what I am sure will be a very challenging final.

Following my (our) disappointment I have declined to speak to Sky or the BBC this week about the match.

I have given the Man of the Match to Joey and Stan this week who both gave excellent performances. David being a close second.

Echoes 5 - 1 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
4 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Man of match
5 Patrick HANLON  
6 Matthew HOPKINS   1
7 Ethan MACKIE  
8 Joe McENTEE  
9 Charlie MOORE  
10 Alex MOSS  
11 Harry NASH  
12 Jack O'CONNOR  
13 Dominic PRINCE  
14 Joshua ROBERTS  
16 Joshua WILTON  
17 Joey RENNISON   Man of match
18 William SMITH