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Match Report

Match Report - 08 May 2011, Maclay Football Club White lost to Hendon United

Maclay White had a challenging final game of the season with only 11 players. They were bound to be a little rusty with no competitive football for a month.
An early penalty to Hendon following a jinxing run saw Hendon 1 up in 5 minutes. Hendon then reciprocated following a jinxing run from Henry. Josh calmly put the ball away from the spot. We then began to play some football. A great run from Ben down the wing saw a searing cross, Henry hung in the air and just put the ball wide. (Ben next time you are running at pace and putting in a 25 yard cross can you keep the ball 3 inches lower)
Hendon went on to score two well taken but cheap goals to leave them 3 up at half time. Valiant efforts from Henry and a great save from William kept the score at 3-1.
The second half started brightly and we played the best football, keeping Hendon on the back foot. Another piece of loose play saw the score go to 4-1. Henry then struck back with another superb run bravely putting the ball to the right of the keeper before the keeper took him out completely. The yellow card was gratefully accepted by the keeper. If only we could have maintained our level of play things may have been a little different. A final scrambled goal for Hendon saw the final score at 5-2. Again we were by no means out played we were not quite consistent enough. We certainly looked the fitter team at the end of play. Our thanks to the referee who had a great game.
Players who stood out were David who gave another tireless performance. Man of the match was however split this week. Stan at the back seemed to be where ever there was trouble and tidied the play up constantly in a calm and effective manner, a great captains performance. Henry was the second man of the match, equalling Stan’s play at the back up front. He earned both of our goals, showing skill and determination.

The end of a long season. I think we have to remember the 3-2 victory over Maclay Red, who won the league on Sunday. Karl and Williams broken arms and the late signing of Pat may have had an impact . However over the season we played some of the best football, scored the best goal I have seen this season (including those I have seen on the TV, well done Pat), played with enthusiasm and passion. Thank you for your efforts.

Next season we plan to go to Bucks and show a few teams what we can do.

Hendon United 5 - 2 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON   1 Man of match
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
4 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Man of match
5 Patrick HANLON  
6 Matthew HOPKINS  
7 Ethan MACKIE  
8 Joe McENTEE  
9 Charlie MOORE  
10 Alex MOSS  
11 Harry NASH  
12 Jack O'CONNOR  
13 Dominic PRINCE  
14 Joshua ROBERTS   1
16 Joshua WILTON  
17 Joey RENNISON  
18 William SMITH