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Match Report

Match Report - 20 Nov 2011, Maclay Football Club White lost to Penn & Tylers Green Rangers

Nigel the manager from Penn and Tyler congratulated the team at the end of the game and informed me that we had been the best football team in the game. With 7 minutes to go and 3-2 up perhaps I should have put a holding midfielder in front of the back four and I think we may have possibly had a different result. Sorry.

So thick was the fog this morning that it severely hampered the spectators view. After 10 minutes I was pleased we were winning 8- 0, I then realised I was watching the under sevens game on the pitch next door.

Our game was otherwise played in a good spirit by both teams. I am fairly sure the first goal was a great one but the thick fog did hamper my vision. Henry played the perfect ball through and Ben delightfully clipped the ball over the advancing keeper. Penn struck back with a penalty following a hand ball. The second Maclay goal was equally as good as the first with Josh Wilton striking the ball from the edge of the box. We would have deserved the lead at half time but a couple of errors in failing to close a player down and Josh in goal misjudging the flight of the ball saw the score at half time as two all.
Henry, Brad and Pat hustled upfront and linked very well with Ben and Chris on the wings.
The back four again dominated with David and Hoppy controlling the line and distributing the ball well, little got past them.

Pat put in the third as he pressured the Penn defence. To Penn’s credit their third goal was superb, a great cross from the right with a header into the top corner, it would have graced any game of football. Penn then nipped it at the end with a scrappy toe poke being almost the last kick of the game for the winning goal.

I think all of the parents appreciated the quality of the play from Maclay; a five percent improvement in concentration at important points in the game will make the difference for future games.
After 8 years I think I may have figured the formation that will suit our style of play the best.

Man of the match was a toss up between Ben and Hoppy who both put in outstanding performances, Hoppy just edged the decision well done.

Out of the cup on with the league. Great performance well done.

Penn & Tylers Green Rangers 4 - 3 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN   Captain
5 Patrick HANLON   1
6 Matthew HOPKINS   Man of match
7 Chris HUMBER  
8 Ethan MACKIE  
9 Joe McENTEE  
10 Jack O'CONNOR  
11 Dominic PRINCE  
12 Joey RENNISON  
13 Joshua ROBERTS  
14 Ben ROCHFORD   1
15 Joshua WILTON   1
16 Brad TURNER  
17 Konur ERTAN  
18 George PARKER