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Match Report

Match Report - 07 Apr 2013, Maclay Football Club White beat Prestwood Colt Panthers

10 against 11 and no subs, the odds were against us. Starting off with 9 we went down to a shocking error by the linesman, the attacking player was more than likely off side. That was unfortunately me, failing to keep up with play.
The team continued to play good football, calm under pressure passing the ball neatly and waiting for Prestwood to come on to us. We managed to draw level we an excellent corner from Ben, Matt drew in two with a run to the front post and Jack neatly headed in, to draw level. Half time was 1 each. The second half saw us tire and the mistakes understandably began to accumulate. The back four stood firm as they have all season, George made some excellent saves as Prestwood failed to take their chances.
Time was running out and I would have settled for the draw, but the lads did not give up. A simple three ball move Josh, Ben and Pat saw Pat smartly put the ball past the keeper when one on one in the last minute. The game was played in a very good spirit and we were happy To stay in the cup with a 2 - 1 victory.

Well done. All came off looking exhausted but thrilled with the victory, another true team performance with everyone committed and contributing fully to the game. 10 x MoM

Maclay Football Club White 2 - 1 Prestwood Colt Panthers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
4 Okemdi CHUKWU  
6 Jack GRIFFITHS   1
7 Patrick HANLON   1
8 Matthew HARVEY  
9 Saif HIJJAWI  
10 Penny HOLZMANN  
11 Matthew HOPKINS  
12 Chris HUMBER  
13 Ethan MACKIE  
14 Joe McENTEE  
15 Jack O'CONNOR  
16 George PARKER  
17 Joey RENNISON  
18 Joshua ROBERTS  
20 Joshua WILTON