Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 28 Apr 2013, Maclay Football Club White beat Wycombe Town AFC

Maclay started this game as they finished off last week, fast decisive football. The first goal came from Okemdi pace on the right wing, cutting inside he put the ball at Nats feet and he made no mistake. The second was a well struck own goal and the third was route one, George to Saif who struck the ball past the keeper giving him little opportunity. (It must be demoralising for any team to football look that simple and yet so effective)
The match then became a little more of a battle. The back four again taking control and George on hand to sweep up. The midfield of Pat and Henry either left the Wycombe players in need of first aid or they had no opportunity to play the ball. The pace of Okemdi and Nat on the wings with Saif upfront resulted in limited opportunity for Wycombe. They did get one back and hit the post. On balance a well deserved win.
Man of the Match went to Nat whose first half performance in particular helped seal a victory, but as is often the case all the boys deserve a mention for their sheer effort. A pleasure to watch.
Well done

Maclay Football Club White 3 - 1 Wycombe Town AFC ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
4 Okemdi CHUKWU  
7 Patrick HANLON  
8 Matthew HARVEY  
9 Saif HIJJAWI   1
10 Penny HOLZMANN   1
11 Matthew HOPKINS  
12 Chris HUMBER  
13 Ethan MACKIE  
14 Joe McENTEE  
15 Jack O'CONNOR  
16 George PARKER  
17 Joey RENNISON  
18 Joshua ROBERTS  
20 Joshua WILTON