Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 08 Sep 2013, Maclay Football Club Blue beat Wycombe Tigers

First game of the season a the team made a great start, with many of the players having not played together previously it was difficult to judge how they would gel. However there was little to worry about. The first half belonged to Maclay. The first goal came from a beautiful pass with the outside of the boot from Jake to Jo, who calmly put the ball into the goal in a one on one. The first half ended 1 nil. Jack had clearly run through the pain barrier and had to come off with the worst blisters I have seen. The team reorganised with Wycombe determined to get a result. Maclay struck the first blow with Jack G striking the ball from outside the box on to the crossbar and in via the keepers head. Goal line technology determined Maclay were 2 up. Wycombe applied the pressure and as Ethan rested his arm on an attacker he fell over giving a clear penalty to Wycombe. From the penalty Wycombe struck the post and as Maclay discussed the merits of the refs decision their striker walked up to the ball tied his laces and scored. Seeing their chance Wycombe pressured but the defence and keeper stood firm. Marley and Pat swapping positions as holding midfielder showed the team what determination and a skilful touch can do and dominated. Marleys efforts earned him two yellows which was a little harsh, not before his efforts earned him man of the match. A great team effort well done

Wycombe Tigers 1 - 2 Maclay Football Club Blue ()

Name Goals Details
1 James REAR  
2 Ethan MACKIE  Ethan  MACKIE Yellow card
3 Sam BERNARD   Did not play
4 Matthew HARVEY  
5 Marley DOWSETT  Marley DOWSETT Yellow cardMarley DOWSETT Yellow cardMarley DOWSETT Red card
6 David BRYAN  
7 Joshua ROBERTS   Did not play
8 Karl BONNEY  
9 Patrick HANLON  
10 Salih HODJA  
11 Joe KEATING   1
12 Adam ZAMBARDI   Did not play
13 Henry BEXSON   Did not play
14 Peter BRYAN  
15 Okemdi CHUKWU   Did not play
16 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Did not play
17 Ryan EAMES   Did not play
19 Max STRETTON   Did not play
20 Herbie HILLSDON   Did not play
21 Matthew HOPKINS   Did not play
22 Liam HOWARD   Did not play
23 Chris HUMBER   Did not play
24 Harry MURPHY   Did not play
25 Joey RENNISON   Did not play
26 Ben ROCHFORD   Did not play
27 Jack E GRIFFITHS   1
28 Thomas WEBB   Did not play
29 Jake CONWAY  
30 Niall STEVENS