Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 09 Mar 2014, Maclay Football Club Red lost to Chalfont Saints

This match demonstrated that the Maclay players can't go out to parties and nightclubs till the early hours of the morning and still expect to gain results in this division.

Man of the Match JOSH HART played well in the unfamiliar position of left back whilst Bevan Gosling impressed when he came on at right back. James Manners welcome return to the front line looked promising.

Chalfont Saints played well and took their chances in an impressive fashion.

If the Maclay players continue lile this the the losing streak will continue against Gerrards Cross.

Chalfont Saints 6 - 0 Maclay Football Club Red ()

Name Goals Details
1 George PARKER  
2 Calum ALEXANDER   Injured after 60 mins (back)
3 Callum MILES   Not Available - injured hamstring
4 Chris HEATH  
5 Sam HAUCK  
6 Ben O'CONNOR  
7 Robin NIVEN  
8 Robert PRUNTY  
9 Jack WIGGS  
10 Adam COWLAND  
11 Matt ASHBY  
12 James LAGDON  
13 Tom DYKE   Not Available - studying
14 Jack O'CONNOR   Not Available
15 Cameron ELLIOT   Not Available - coaching course
16 Nat HOLZMANN   Not Available
17 Saif HIJJAWI   Not Available
18 Bevan GOSLING  
19 Josh HART   Man of Match
20 Edward BUTLER-CADDLE   Not Available
21 Marco ADDATI   Not Available
22 Joshua LEE   Not Available
23 James MANNERS  
24 Nicholas WILLIAMS   Not Available
25 Jack HUNTER   Not Available