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Match Report

Match Report - 28 Apr 2010, Maclay Football Club White beat Harpenden Colts Falcons

"OK boys we can't have what happened last week. I need commitment from the beginning."
The whistle blows,Harpenden play the ball into the area, everyone watches it bounce and a header from Harpenden sees Josh with an excellent save as he attempted to push the ball over the cross bar. Unfortunately he wasn't the keeper. A well struck penalty sees Harpenden go one nil up inside 30 seconds.
Then the alarm clock went off and the boys woke up. From then on it was Maclay all the way. Josh Roberts right back had a strong first half and Joe Keating continued to deliver ball after ball. The hard bouncy pitch made it difficult to deliver the ball at the right pace. Karl and Matthew in midfield impressed again with header after header and tackle after tackle. Alex and Stan cleared the danger with clinical ease and Joey played his usual game allowing no one to pass him. Ethan continued excellent runs down the right. Josh Wilton, Dominic and Jack Hunter making his first appearance put the defence under pressure. Then Dominic had the opportunity he'd been waiting for and from 2 feet out he just managed to miss and hit the bar. Two minutes later and from 22 yards he stuck an excellent left footed drive into the right corner giving the Harpenden keeper no chance.
Half time 1 - 1.
The second half continued the same way. William's confidence in goal saw a faultless performance. Ben came on and worked well with Josh. Then a short run in the box saw Josh tripped up. Penalty said the ref. Josh stepped up and drove the ball home. 2 -1; we continued to win nearly every ball. Josh Wilton, Jack and Dominic continued to put the defence under pressure. Harpenden threw everything forward. Man marking saw the Harpenden danger men taken out of the game. In a final effort Harpenden threw everyone forward for a corner, the ball bounced around the goal, a well struck goal bound kick saw William save the day with two footed lunge at the ball.
Maclay earned another victory. Every team member contributed, William and the back four let very little passed them. Karl and Mathew dominated particularly in the air. Josh R and Joe had their best games of the season. Dom, Jack and Josh W continued to make opportunity after opportunity that has seen us finish as one of the top goal scoring sides of the season.
A nice way to finish the season. A deserved victory, well done.
Man of the match was a tough choice between Karl, Matthew, Josh R, Joe and Dom. For a significantly improved performance and the winning goal the Man of the Match goes to Josh Roberts.

Maclay Football Club White 2 - 1 Harpenden Colts Falcons ()

Name Goals Details
1 Joshua WILTON   Unlucky not to score, but finished top score this season.
2 Karl BONNEY   Tireless, battled the whole game. No change there.
3 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Reliable as always. No fuss, just great football.
4 Joshua ROBERTS   1 Man of Match. Best game of the season for him. Had some passion. Great save in the first minute.
5 Matthew HOPKINS   Shown that with the right support he dominates midfield
6 Jack HUNTER   Battled hard in midfield winning most balls
7 Joe KEATING   Excellent first half, great touch
8 Ben ROCHFORD   Came to help out after athletics. Ran the whole game.
9 Ethan MACKIE   Utility player, useful in all positions
10 William SMITH   Match winning save in the dying seconds. Thank you
11 Alex MOSS   Great partnership with Stan.
12 Dominic PRINCE   1 Great goal
13 Joey RENNISON   Dependable/Solid I can't recall anyone passing him.
14 Joshua ROBERTS  
16 William SMITH  
17 Joshua WILTON