Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 10 Oct 2010, Maclay Football Club White lost to Hemel Town White

A tough game of football for Maclay White. On balance Hemel deserved the win.
Maclay battled well in the first half and Hemel resorted to long shots as Maclay's defence looked solid.
The team looked a little weak in the challenge and were often second to the ball. The second half saw a brighter start. A combination of late nights on some of the players (3am) certainly told. Maclay continued to battle but Hemel seemed a bit more eager for the ball.
The defence continued to play well and William certainly looked confident in goal, he made some excellent saves. Hemel Town went on to win 4 nil, which was perhaps a little harsh.
With the White team in this league all the players need to perform near the top of their ability and with 110 percent effort (cliché number 78 from my forthcoming book)
Maclay certain worked hard but I think we missed Henry this week. We certainly have the ability but need to work hard for each other. I want to see a bit more hard graft next week and the win will come. A nice bunch of lads who are very positive.
Man of the match goes to William in goal, with David Bryan running him a very close second.

Hemel Town White 4 - 0 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN   Excellent performance
4 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Worked hard at the back
5 Matthew HOPKINS  
6 Ethan MACKIE  
7 Joe McENTEE  
8 Charlie MOORE  
9 Alex MOSS  
10 Jack O'CONNOR   Solid performance
11 Dominic PRINCE  
12 Joey RENNISON   Soild performance
13 Joshua ROBERTS  
15 William SMITH   Man of the match
16 Joshua WILTON