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Match Report

Match Report - 07 Nov 2010, Maclay Football Club White lost to Echoes

A match of two halves. First half Maclay fought well and the match was in the balance. Maclay certainly looked the best team for 20 minutes towards the end of the first half. We worked well, played well as a team and battled for the ball. We went in at half time thinking that a victory was a possibility.
Maclay put the ball in the goal at the beginning of the second half but a hand ball ruled the goal out.
A very debatable second goal saw Maclay's heads go down. A high ball that William did very well for saw him heavily challenged in mid air and the ball ended up in the net. The ref who was 30 - 35 yards away did not need he felt to speak to the linesman.
We seemed to lose our way and our discipline after that. There were short spells of good play but we simply lost our concentration. Before we knew where we were it was 4 nil. William in goal however made four or five excellent saves and deservedly was man of the match. Late on in the second half Henry scored an excellent goal from outside the box, chipping the keeper. Play and focus improved, but a late Echoes goal saw the final result of 5 - 1.
Lessons for the day. We need to concentrate more and improve by 10 % in order to win. Too many 50 / 50 balls go to the opposition.

Everyone can see the quality is there we just need to play like that for the whole game not half of it.

See you next week.


Echoes 5 - 1 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON   1
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
5 A.N. Other  
6 Joshua WILTON  
7 Ethan MACKIE  
8 Joe McENTEE  
9 A.N. Other  
10 A.N. Other  
11 A.N. Other  
12 Dominic PRINCE  
13 Joey RENNISON  
14 Joshua ROBERTS  
16 William SMITH   Man of the match