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Match Report

Match Report - 23 Jan 2011, Maclay Football Club White beat Maclay Red

Maclay Red 2 – Maclay White 3

Unfortunately I am no Peter Drury or Kenneth Wolstenholme and cannot put eloquently enough into words how proud I was of the team today. I know its only Sunday football, but a deserved victory puts a smile on the boys, supporters and my face for the rest of the week.
Half-time saw Maclay White two nil down, with goals from Adam Cowland and an excellent strike into the bottom corner from Chris Heath. Maclay White had battled but created few chances. Maclay Red had dominated the midfield but could not get a clean strike on the ball as the Maclay defence and midfielders threw themselves at everything. An excellent save from Jordan Blyth kept a Josh Roberts jinxing run and shot out of the bottom corner.
The halftime talk said, carry on as you have been but pass the ball a little more. Alex Moss was now in goal, looking cold but confident.
The next twenty minutes of football saw, without a shadow of a doubt our best performance. I do not recall a boy giving the ball up, even if they lost it in the first tackle. I could see who wanted the ball more, it was the White team. Within ten minutes the ball was in the net, headed in by Pat during the scrambled corner. The second goal came from Ben Richford’s run down the right, followed by a superb cross and headed goal from Dominic as he forced the ball over the line.
What happened next will go down in Maclay history for the White team. A run down the right saw the ball hit the top right corner from 25 yards and what seemed an impossible angle, giving Jordan (and Joe Hart if he had been in goal) no chance what so ever. An excellent goal from Pat that would deserve to win the FA Cup.
The boys then stood firm, with tackle after tackle. The defence kept a great shape and Jack O’Connor had his best game of the season. He fought the whole time he was on the pitch. Maclay Red had numerous other shots. Great runs from Callum Miles in particular and Adam Cowland could not get the ball in, as stand in keeper Alex Moss stood tall and kept everything out. Robert Prunty hit the cross bar and the ball would still not go in. James Manners had a couple of excellent chances but a sticky pitch and Alex kept what seemed like a certain goal out. On James second attempt Alex pounced on the ball and held it firmly in his grasp. A sigh of relief from one side of the pitch and a frustration on the other. A final free kick from Josh Roberts and a good save from Jordan Blyth saw the ref blow his whistle. Disappointment for the Reds and their title chances, but elation for the white. A deserved victory, for their passion, for their team spirit and for simple hard work.
As they say ’football is a funny old game’.
I could have named every boy today in the match report and if there was ever an occasion to award a team man of the match this was it. However one boy stood out. His willingness for the team and his match winning performance in goal won Alex Moss man of the match this week.

Maclay Red 2 - 3 Maclay Football Club White ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
5 Patrick HANLON   2
6 Matthew HOPKINS  
7 Ethan MACKIE  
8 Joe McENTEE  
9 Charlie MOORE  
10 Alex MOSS  
11 Harry NASH  
12 Jack O'CONNOR  
13 Dominic PRINCE   1
14 Joshua ROBERTS  
16 Joshua WILTON  
17 Joey RENNISON