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Match Report

Match Report - 19 Sep 2010, Maclay Football Club White beat Chorleywood

An inspiring game of football. Maclay did their usual nearly conceding a goal inside 30 seconds. We knew Chorleywood would be a challenge and they certainly gave a good account of themselves. Maclay were equal to them on this occasion and probably deserved the win.
From the back, William looked and sounded confident in goal, pulling off a superb second half save and standing up to their star right winger in a one on one. The defence looked solid form right to left. Jack O’Connor put up a fine performance against their star player, making some great plays at vital moments. David and Stan played solid football throughout and I can’t recall anyone getting through them all game. Salih’s turn of pace was stunning and he never looked troubled. His pace allowed him to attack and defend. The middle of the field was awesome. Henry, clearly injured battled on and won ball after ball with good distribution. Karl and Josh played some of the best two touch football, clearly a good combination that is worth keeping. Ethan’s pace on the right saw some excellent crosses. Charlie’s one touch football was a good example to the others, allowing the team to break at pace. Alex showed that he should be a striker for the rest of the season. Great to watch him holding the ball and waiting for play to catch up (with the added bonus that he can also be a centre back if we are short). Jack we know can use his strength and pace. He scored two comfortable goals following good team work. A great team performance to a man. A tough season ahead but we are all looking forward to it. With Dominic, Joshua, Mathew, Ben, Joey and Joe unavailable due to Duke of Edinburgh things can only get better.

Maclay Football Club White 2 - 1 Chorleywood ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
4 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Captain
5 Matthew HOPKINS  
6 Ethan MACKIE  
7 Joe McENTEE  
8 Charlie MOORE  
9 Alex MOSS  
10 Jack O'CONNOR  
11 Dominic PRINCE  
12 Joey RENNISON  
13 Joshua ROBERTS  
15 William SMITH  
16 Salih HODJA  
17 Ben O'CONNOR  
18 Jack WIGGS   2