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Match Report

Match Report - 30 Oct 2011, Maclay Football Club White drew with Wendover Junior Colts

For the first 40 minutes the White team looked as if they hadn't played for 3 weeks, luckily after 40 minutes I remembered that they hadn't played for 3 weeks.
Wendover put up a great display of football and without the efforts of Stan, Joey and Konur a three nil lead to Wendover would not have been an unfair score at half time.
The second half was effectively a different game. Konur kept Wendover;s efforts at bay and when we got our slick passing going we played some excellent football. Bradley was unlucky with several very difficult chances and in the end the pressure told as Wendover put the ball past their own very impressive keeper. The match wasn't without incident and as it often is in these close games there was some passionate football and exchange of views. The game was played in the right spirit with two evenly matched teams. Injury saw Henry and Konur come off and Ethan smoothly stepped into the role of keeper, looking very comfortable and capable in the role. Man of the match was a close call between Brad and Stan, but Stan just won it for an outstanding display.
On balance I think we earned a draw, where we could have easily lost.

We currently sit at the top of a very competitive table and have another tough game next week. If the boys who are available could make training next week I think we will see the benefits on Sunday.

Finally a quick reminder to ask all to consider their comments from the side of the pitch.

Well done and see you next week.

Maclay Football Club White 1 - 1 Wendover Junior Colts ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON  
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
4 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Man of match
5 Patrick HANLON  
6 Matthew HOPKINS  
7 Chris HUMBER  
8 Ethan MACKIE  
9 Joe McENTEE  
10 Jack O'CONNOR  
11 Dominic PRINCE  
12 Joey RENNISON  
13 Joshua ROBERTS  
15 Joshua WILTON  
16 Brad TURNER  
17 Konur ERTAN  
18 Alex MOSS