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Match Report

Match Report - 27 Nov 2011, Maclay Football Club White beat Stokenchurch Juniors

Maclay White were back on form in difficult blustery conditions. A new formation with Hoppy as a holding midfield player saw an upbeat performance in the first 10 minutes. Pat was the lone striker and he was soon through on goal, striking the ball firmly at the keepers chest, Pat snapped up the rebound for an early lead. Chris on the right tormented the left back for Stokenchurch and a 30 yard pass bobbled under the keeper for a fortunate second. Maclay continued with some neat play and the half was rounded off with a superb solo goal from Henry taking on several players before he calmly placed the ball past the keeper.
The second half saw a good performance from Stokenchurch who played the offside trap with skill, catching Maclay offside on at least ten occasions. Stokenchurch seemed to struggle as they approached our defence, Hoppy and Henry tidied most of the play up and when they did get through David, Stan Joey and Jack had the better of the play. Konur was left with relatively little to do.
Josh saw his first outfield play for 6 weeks following injury. George, Brad and Joe closed the opposition down well. The fourth goal came from a Henry free kick, Pat was in the perfect position to poach his second from 4 yards. The final goal was also magnificent. Chris picked the ball up on our penalty area, with a neat run, a short pass to Chris who controlled it in the centre circle, another precise pass to Chris who took on two further players, passing again to Chris again who was able to watch Chris strike it into the bottom corner from twenty yards out. A seventy yard solo run with a fabulous goal at the end, earning Chris the man of the match.
Great game in difficult conditions. Well done.

Maclay Football Club White 5 - 0 Stokenchurch Juniors ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON   1
2 Karl BONNEY  
3 David BRYAN  
5 Patrick HANLON   2
6 Matthew HOPKINS  
7 Chris HUMBER   2 Man of Match
8 Okemdi CHUKWU  
9 Joe McENTEE  
10 Jack O'CONNOR  
11 Dominic PRINCE  
12 Joey RENNISON  
13 Joshua ROBERTS  
15 Joshua WILTON  
16 Brad TURNER  
17 Konur ERTAN  
18 George PARKER