Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 14 Oct 2012, Maclay Football Club White beat Wycombe Tigers

Maclay White ground out a win. George in goal and the back four continue to look solid and very difficult for other teams to break down.
The first half was goalless with neither team making a significant impression on the game.
The second half started more brightly, Matt who is so powerful in the air went up for a corner and managed to bounce the ball off his back in to the goal. Not quite we envisaged it.
Bens pace down the wing then paid off as he out sprinted the Wycombe defence on the break and put the ball in the net on the second attempt. Wycombe came back with a penalty.
George cleared the ball from following a Wycombe break, by the time the ball landed Henry only had to put the ball round the keeper skilfully. Wycombe scrambled a final goal with 2 minutes to go. Maclay held out for the victory.
Man of the match went to David for his imposing performance. George certainly kept us in the game on several occasions and Karl and Ben worked tirelessly on the wings. Well done one more game until half term.

Maclay Football Club White 3 - 2 Wycombe Tigers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Henry BEXSON   1
2 David BRYAN   Man of match
3 Okemdi CHUKWU   DNP
4 Stan CRITCHFIELD   Captain
5 Patrick HANLON  
6 Matthew HOPKINS   DNP
7 Chris HUMBER   DNP
8 Ethan MACKIE  
9 Joe McENTEE  
10 Jack O'CONNOR   Injured
11 George PARKER   Another solid performance and 2 assists
12 Penny HOLZMANN   Injured
13 Joshua ROBERTS  
14 Ben ROCHFORD   1
16 Matthew HARVEY   1
17 Karl BONNEY  
18 Joshua LEE   DNP
19 Joey RENNISON