Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 13 Oct 2013, Maclay Football Club Red lost to Aylesbury United

Depite a valiant effort from a substantially weakend Maclay team they lost this match to red hot title favourites Aylesbury United.

Maclay only had eleven players for this vital match due to a combination of injuries, work commitments etc and had to rely on five players who weren't even in the squad last season.

A goalmouth mix up in the first minute saw Maclay go a goal behind - just the sort of start the patched up team didn't need. The team rallied and despite being under a lot of pressure got through to half time without conceding any more goals. In fact a superb Eliot, Hijjawi and Ashby move down the left wing nearly resulted in an equaliser on the stroke of half time.

The second half started badly when Calum Alexander was fouled in the box but the referee allowed play to go on and Aylesbury to score their second goal. Man of the Match GEORGE PARKER brilliantly saved a penalty a few minutes later to keep the game alive but a third goal more or less killed the game off.

Maclay played some good football throughout the match and were unlucky to concede a fourth goal in stoppage time when they had just gone down to ten men after Saif Hijjawi had to leave the field with cramp.

Aylesbury United 4 - 0 Maclay Football Club Red ()

Name Goals Details
1 George PARKER   Man of the Match
3 Jack O'CONNOR  
4 Chris HEATH  
5 Sam HAUCK  
6 Ben O'CONNOR  
7 Robin NIVEN  
8 Robert PRUNTY  
9 Jack WIGGS  
10 Adam COWLAND  
11 Matt ASHBY  
12 Tom DYKE  
13 Nicholas WILLIAMS  
15 Cameron ELLIOT  
16 Penny HOLZMANN  
17 Saif HIJJAWI  
18 Marco ADDATI  
19 James MANNERS  
20 Robert HURLEY  
21 Calvin LENNOX  
22 Jack HURLEY  
23 Joshua LEE  
24 Bevan GOSLING  
25 James LAGDON