Maclay Football Club

Match Report

Match Report - 06 Oct 2013, Maclay Football Club Red lost to Harefield United

Maclay narrowly lost this tough match against an impressive Harefield United team.

Harefield started well but actually scored on the break when Maclay were in the middle of a good spell of attacking football. This was a day whe nothing went right for Maclay. Jack O'Connor called off sick an hour before kick off which left Saif Hijjawi stranded in Kings Langley without a lift then Calum Alexander and Chris Heath both got injured in 50/50 tackles.

Adam Cowland and Robin Niven both came close to scoring for Maclay but in al honesty too many players had ordinary rather than impressive days. ROBERT PRUNTY won MoM for his impressive first half display in goal.

Maclay Football Club Red 0 - 1 Harefield United ()

Name Goals Details
1 George PARKER  
2 Calum ALEXANDER   Injured
3 Jack O'CONNOR   Ill
4 Chris HEATH   Injured
5 Sam HAUCK  
6 Ben O'CONNOR  
7 Robin NIVEN  
8 Robert PRUNTY   Man of Match
9 Jack WIGGS  
10 Adam COWLAND  
11 Matt ASHBY  
12 Tom DYKE  
13 Nicholas WILLIAMS  
15 Cameron ELLIOT  
16 Penny HOLZMANN  
17 Saif HIJJAWI  
18 Marco ADDATI  
19 James MANNERS  
20 Robert HURLEY  
21 Calvin LENNOX  
22 Jack HURLEY  
23 Joshua LEE  
24 Bevan GOSLING  
25 Jack HUNTER